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Full-time nice developer needed at temp name in London
Full-time web developer 3 at Foo Inc. in London, UK
Full-time web developer at Foo Inc. in sss

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Full-time nice developer needed at temp name in London 20-08-2008
Full-time web developer 2 at Foo Inc. in London, UK 20-08-2008
Full-time web developer 3 at Foo Inc. in London, UK 20-08-2008
Freelance Illustrator/Photoshop expert at UnrealExpectations, Anywhere 20-08-2008
Full-time web developer at Foo Inc. in sss 20-08-2008

Oracle Careers

The information technology sector is still one of the fastest growing in Britain. Oracle jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Cities up and down the country from Exeter to Edinburgh are home to companies that need people to operate their Oracle software. Whether fully qualified or a trainee, working with Oracle is a good career move.

Oracle is a relational databasing system based on the object-relational model. Available in sixty three languages and distributed around the world is is one of the most popular and powerful international database systems.

The Oracle corporation itself is often recruiting for jobs in the UK. It works globally with 380,000 business partners and this includes thousands in the UK. Oracle jobs range from short-term internships, which are great for gaining experience, getting to know how the company operates and getting one foot in the door when a full-time position becomes available, to jobs based around product development and servicing customer needs.

Oracle Reading Jobs

In addition to this there are a wide range of support roles open to people in the UK including oracle jobs in areas such as account managers, marketing, corporate, HR and many more. A lot of these jobs are based in Reading, Berkshire, and are a convenient commute from London and the surrounding home counties area. Key roles in Reading are aimed at business development in the UK as a whole. When looking to apply for such jobs it is important to consider not just your relevant experiences, but also the essential and desirable qualifications on the application pack. You might not fit the bill right away, but with training in your spare time or by making wise decisions while unemployed or at school, you can build up the necessary skills for a job using or working with Oracle.

Oracle Jobs Salary

Salaries for Oracle jobs depend on the level at which you enter the company. Naturally an intern is not going to receive much money as the job is orientated towards building experience, but full time positions can earn above average wages. The average salary for Oracle jobs UK is rated to be around £50,000 a year with many earning above that amount. Oracle itself offers competitive salaries for all its staff including pension schemes and holiday entitlements.